Dangal Movie Review: Aamir Khan Sinks His Teeth Into A Meaty Role With Gumption And Glory

Dangal Movie Review: Aamir Khan Sinks His Teeth Into A Meaty Role With Gumption And Glory :-

Cast: Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhatnagar, Vivan Bhatena, Aparshakti Khurrana.

Director: Nitesh Tiwari.

Bollywood is proving its step right as per plan this year that sports biopic, and this time Dangal shows its strength from a lead performance from Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan.


It is so impressively measured how Aamir khan has done role of national wrestling champion-turned-coach Mahavir Singh Phogat that he completely looks different from star to a wrestler.

Rarely, it has been seen that any actor other than Aamir khan sunk his teeth into a meaty character.

Dangal a story of former Wrestler and his daughters who dared to do something unique which is unthinkable for others. It is the story of the sisters who went where nobody from here community have ever gone.

But overall, Dangal is becoming entertaining picture in the last week of this year. The stories in this film are well-documented and hence devoid of mystery.

Aamir Khan’s Mahavir character is a strong and rustic with a bulging tummy and kind eyes. Eyes that shows hopelessness when his wife fails to give birth of son who would have complete his dream of Olympic medal? Eyes that light up on realization that there is no difference gold is gold weather girls earns or boy earns. Aamir Khan is the actor who grows with every film. He manages so much drama without over acting.


Mahavir Singh Phogat is forced by some circumstances to call time prematurely on his thriving wrestling career, and after that started train to his two daughters with the aim of get complete his dream winning an international medal for India.

All credit goes to Fatima Sana Shaikh for lightning character of Geeta, without any wrong step. Geeta who emerges as the main focus point of Dangal as it hurdle towards climax.

Nitesh Tiwari who is Director and Co-screenwriter does not hesitate to touch of sentimentality, but he keeps a control on emotions as the father and his daughter navigate a faithless social deep rooted patriarchy, gender discrimination and rural orthodoxy.


What an audience can see in this movie is that the film is visible weight around male protagonist’s paunchy waist is nothing compared to the massive burden that he carries in an ultra-conservative rural society.

The core part of the film is a rooted father who believes in traditional coaching tricks rather daughter who files the coop to be exposed to the more modern trick that teaches in national sports academy.

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